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Don’t trust web designers who claim they can build for you a successful site “without you ever lifting a finger”!

Building a website is a two-way process that depends as much on your designers as it does on you.

This website will allow you to find everything you need to get the right approach so that your website becomes a real success story.
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Build your internet “house” the right way

Building a website is similar to building a house. Like when building a house, a website needs a good plan, solid foundations, and a properly built engineering structure that will ultimately house the most important element of your site – Your Content which will give your site its meaning and will make it “alive” like a real home.

When planning your website, think first of all about the content – the texts and images that you will include on the pages of your site. Leave the rest to web designers. That’s what you pay them for…

Think Google

It is a proven fact that at least 80% of visitors to your site will come through Google searches. This is a rule that has almost no exceptions.

Therefore, when preparing the texts for your site, always think about Google. Ask yourself: what would a person who would be interested in your product or service type in Google?

Subject all your texts to this question, and never forget: everyone comes to your site with a problem. Try to solve this problem first. Otherwise, even a good Google ranking won’t do you any good.

Who will build your website?

No doubt, choosing a web designer for your site seems easy. Every Google search returns you dozens of results of companies and freelance web designers who are competing to offer you their services on good terms and at low prices.

But is this real? What are the pitfalls in choosing web designers for your site?

Anyway, whatever you learn from us, never forget that choosing web designers is a long-term decision of yours.

Never forget the website support

There is nothing more useless than an old newspaper and an outdated website. By leaving your site without constant support and maintenance, you run a risk in at least two directions: the outdated information on your site will cause distrust in the entire company, and the lack of technical support can easily lead to breaches in the site’s security which may have unpredictable results.

Therefore, never leave your website without regular updates and competent maintenance even for a single moment. Without updates and maintenance, your site can easily start to hinder your business instead of helping it…

Optimization (SEO) …

Not understanding what Google precisely is, how it works, and what can be done to improve your rankings in this search engine is the cause of many failed Internet projects and a lot of wasted money in building underperforming and unprofitable websites.

What exactly is on-site optimization for Google? What are the main factors that affect the ranking? What optimization can and cannot do? You will find answers to all these questions in our article …

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