The most important goal of your site

Най-важната цел на Вашия сайт

“What will be the main purpose of your website?” is the first question we always ask all of our customers.

The answers are usually very broad: from “to find new customers”, through “to promote our business on the Internet”, to the unequivocal “to sell more”.

Of course, all these answers make perfect sense. What good is a website if it doesn’t find new customers, promote the company’s business, and ultimately increase sales?

However, let us strongly emphasize that all these goals can remain completely unattainable if one single goal is not achieved, which should actually be the main and primary goal of every single website!

Your most important goal is creating trust!

No site can be successful if it does not, first of all, gain the trust of its visitors!

Believe me, no tempting prices, no attractive offers, and no “unique” promotions on your site will be able to sell your product or service, if the site has not previously managed to win the trust of its visitors!

Just think about it! Would you buy anything from someone who looks and behaves like a bum, no matter what price he offers it to you?

Would you use the services of a person whom you feel inside you should not trust?

Therefore, before you plan complex and expensive functionalities for your site, and before you think about that “unrepeatable promotion” that “no one can resist”, think first of all about how to win the trust of your visitors.

Until you achieve this, all your efforts will be in vain and your site will fail.

How do you gain trust?

Of course, we are well aware that if we were able to give a universal “recipe” on how to gain trust, we would probably be among the richest people on this planet and this website would not exist … 😉

We’ll just say that virtually EVERY ELEMENT OF YOUR WEBSITE has something to do with the trust it should inspire in your users.

Starting from the color scheme of the site (each individual color has its own distinct psychological impact), going through the applied fonts, the vocabulary, and expressions used in the texts, the presence (or absence) of grammatical errors, the loading speed of the site, the nature and type of illustrations used, etc …

All of these elements have a direct impact on your users, and subconsciously either create trust or push the user towards mistrust.

Often, even if made inadvertently, a grammatical or spelling error can literally “ruin” your site, because really, who would trust illiterate people?

We will deliberately not comment here on the aesthetic merits of the sites. We know that “as many people as there are tastes”. However, it is known that in professional web design there is a strict set of rules, the respect of which is simply mandatory. Their ignorance, non-compliance, or neglect invariably leads the site to failure.

That is why it is clear from a first glance whether a website was built by a professional or an amateur. And if your visitor thinks that your site was made by amateurs, he would have a hard time trusting you.

Never forget that visitors subconsciously associate the qualities of the site with its owners.

If your site “screams” that it is built by amateurs, it means to visitors that your business is also amateur. And who would do business with amateurs?

If your site has gaps or is unclear and confusing, don’t be surprised if you don’t get orders or even inquiries from it. Who would trust a company where everything is unclear and confused?

That’s why …

Never forget that the first and most important purpose of your website is to earn the trust of your visitors.

If you don’t achieve this, everything else on your site loses its meaning!