Who are we?

BGpro Media Ltd.

Our company, BGpro Media, is a Bulgarian company that was founded at the end of 1999 and for more than 20 years we worked intensively in building websites for our small business clients in Bulgaria and abroad. Currently, our company continues to build sites for its clients but is now mainly focused on consulting activities and the development of its own media projects.

Why do we work for “small businesses”? Because we know very well that it is the people from the small and medium-sized businesses in our country who rely the most on their websites, and the qualities of the websites we build are of vital importance to them.

And this is especially important not only for them but also for us!

Web design, website building, and development are our life, our passion, and our strength!

We have under our belts hundreds of websites built, completely designed, and built by us. Most of them we maintain and expand for our clients to this day.

We also provide a wide range of highly specialized services in the field of web marketing and the development and maintenance of large online media projects.

In our work, we attach great importance to work ethics and we have three basic rules that we always apply and follow unwaveringly:

  1. We perfectly know that the only way for us to win is when you win with the website we built. That’s why we always do everything in our power to make our work as useful as possible for you.
  2. We try to see you, our customers, in us not just as executors of your assignment, but as your trusted team of Internet consultants and assistants. By trusting us, you will pay for the construction of a site, but you will receive something much more valuable – accumulated decades of experience, which has no monetary dimension.
  3. We are convinced that fairness is the only viable strategy in any business. We are always completely open with our customers, we always keep our promises and meet all commitments and deadlines, whatever the cost.

Atanas Georgiev

The driving force behind BGpro Media Ltd is Atanas Georgiev. He works with a small team of freelance designers and programmers, but in the end, no project for the company goes online without passing through his hands, or at least his approval.

Atanas Georgiev

Atanas Georgiev

Atanas Georgiev is not only the author of all publications on this website but also the only person through whom will go all communication related to every web project of the company!

Atanas Georgiev is an economist by education, he completed a series of training in practically all areas of information technology, and for many years he worked in high-level IT positions in international companies.

Since 1999, he has fully devoted himself to web design and marketing, and since 2019 he has been focused on consulting and the development of international online media projects.

He holds certifications in many areas of web design and programming and is constantly improving himself in all areas of web technology.

In his work, Atanas Georgiev attaches great importance to long-term cooperation with his company’s clients. He is convinced that a successful website can be built and maintained only if there is a spirit of mutual trust, understanding, and a desire to achieve a common goal between the client and the developer company.

“We choose our clients the same way they choose us. We are convinced that in the long and complex process of designing and building a website, a simple client-contractor relationship is not enough.

What will bring your site to life is our shared pursuit of your goal.”

Atanas Georgiev
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