Why my site doesn’t generate orders?

Why is my site not performing?
We often get calls from website owners complaining that despite their excellent traffic, their visitors are not placing orders or even making phone calls.Usually, the reason becomes clear with the first look at the site, and here we will explain what the problem most often consists of.

Why are there no orders coming from my site?

The three stages of interaction with the site

The user’s interaction with any website is conditionally divided into three stages, and your visitor is inclined to seek contact with the company or consider an order from you only at the last – third stage.

As we said, however, this can only happen after the website has successfully passed the first two “exams”!

In other words, before your visitor even looks at your “unique promotion” and gets acquainted with your “attractive prices and conditions”, your site goes through two tough tests.

The first “exam” – only headlines and pictures

The user’s first interaction with your site lasts no more than 3 to 5 seconds. These are the first moments after your visitor opens any page of your website.

At this stage, the visited page must clearly and unambiguously show the user “what it is all about” and whether it contains the information the user is looking for.

At this stage ONLY the general design, titles, and illustrations matter.

The visitor’s gaze quickly scans only the “large fonts” and “pictures”, and if he/she does not find a clear solution to the problem that brought him/her here, he/she simply clicks away and continues to the next site – one of your competitors.

The second stage – creating trust

If the first stage (or “exam”) has been passed successfully and the visitor has decided that this site “could work for him”, he continues to the next question: “Can I trust this website?”.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few sites on the Internet that one should “stay away from” and the users know it.

Therefore, at this stage, your visitor begins to look for useful and meaningful information, giving grounds for trust in your company.

If at that moment the user does not find the information he is looking for but is faced with general “small” talk such as “we are the best in the industry”, “buy our products, which are of the highest quality” or “with us you get the best prices “, he leaves your site again.

The reason is obvious: no one would write the opposite on any site, and such phrases do not provide any useful information to your visitors. To them, it’s just useless “white noise” that they hate because it wastes their time.

If you want to gain the trust of your visitors, don’t waste their time with useless and pointless phrases.

Only after your visitor finds that on your site he/she can FIND a SOLUTION to his/her problem and that your site can be TRUSTED, only then could the visitor consider diving into details, placing an order, or seeking contact with you.

If the site lacks clarity, or could in any way create mistrust in the visitor, don’t be surprised if it fails.

In conclusion …

It is hard to describe all the “pitfalls” that can turn visitors away from your site, but we will not tire of repeating how important it is that every word and every picture you use on your pages is in its right place and inspire confidence.

The experience of your web designers and developers would be of great benefit here. Experienced web designers can give you invaluable advice that you should follow.

In the following link, you can find more important information about what to include in the content of your site in order for it to be successful.

Only after your site successfully passes the two “exams” described above can you hope that the visitor will look at your prices and terms, look for a phone number or email, and possibly consider an order.